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Deploying a Modulus Project From Travis

You'll need the following (or make sure they are up to date):

Log into Modulus CLI then create a token:

$ modulus token create
Welcome to Modulus
You are logged in as fiveisprime
[✓] Token: 4e287c37-2e7d-416f-bf53-dab7d564c262

The Modulus CLI checks for the MODULUS_TOKEN environment variable that is used to run commands without running the login command first. Obviously, you won't want this token to be visible in your .travis.yml configuration file so you'll need to encrypt it using the travis CLI.

$ travis encrypt MODULUS_TOKEN=4e287c37-2e7d-416f-bf53-dab7d564c262

This will output a secure variable -- something like secure: "...". If you already have a .travis.yml file, you can include the --add option to add the variable to your configuration file automatically.

If you don't already have a configuration file, create a file named .travis.yml in the root of your repository and paste in the following:

language: node_js
  # Include which versions of node to test against here.
  - '0.10'
    # Replace the next line with the output from travis.
    - secure: "..."
  - npm install -g modulus
  - modulus deploy -p "my project name"

Notice the env:global:secure property which is where you will copy your encrypted token from travis.

This configuration will run the npm test script against node versions 0.8.x and 0.10.x then, if successful, install the Modulus CLI and deploy your application.